Humidity and dewpoint calibration are separate but very closely related. We work with (3) companies that are the best of the best when it comes to these difficult parameters. Covering anything from wall-mount transmitters and portable handheld instruments to the most accurate humidity chambers manufactured today.

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Vaisala offers transmitters, digital displays and handheld instruments for humidity, dewpoint AND CO2 measurement. Their HM70 handheld unit can be used with sensors for all (3) parameters to simplify your purchase.


When it comes to humidity/temperature chambers for calibration of chart recorders, dataloggers and handheld humidity standards, the same name always comes to mind… Thunder Scientific. The Model 2500 is found in virtually every high-end metrology lab in the world. The Model 1200 offers the same +/-0.5% accuracy in smaller footprint and lower price point. Hall Associates offers FREE startup and training on these systems and can teach you to calibrate the chambers yourself using pressure and temperature standards you may already own!


Over the 25 years we have been in business we have sold equipment for several chilled-mirror hygrometer companies. It seemed we always struggled to get their products to agree with the Thunder 2500 chamber mentioned above. Until we met RH Systems. The mirror technology and control electronics inside their products are both elegant and highly functional. Have a taxing dewpoint measurement problem? Let us introduce you to the solution.