We have dealt with many of our best customers for close to 20 years. What have we noticed about most of them over that time period? They are responsible for doing a lot MORE calibrations with FEWER people. How can they achieve this? Productivity has to improve throughout the calibration lab and one of the best tools for improving productivity is AUTOMATION SOFTWARE. Calibration is a very repetitive task and at its core is repetitive datalogging under defined conditions. Properly designed and implemented software solutions can set and monitor these conditions and log data when conditions are met, allowing the technician to be working on other calibrations or preparing the next batch to be tested.

The Hall Associates Training Center was opened in 2011 as a place to train calibration technicians on software calibration solutions. Classes are available on any of the software products listed below:

COMPASS for Pressure Calibration Software by Fluke Calibration

Imagine one software package that can handle ANY pressure calibration task, regardless of what standards you use or what type of device you are calibrating? That is COMPASS for Pressure. It handles everything from fully-automated testing to report generation and interfaces with Fluke’s MET/TRACK database so you can use the same database as your electrical calibrations. Call us for an overview of the software or watch our video that will show you some of the features of this powerful package. The customization possibilities with COMPASS are endless so its operation can be tailored to your application. Call us today to review your needs. Turnkey systems can be provided.

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COMPASS for Flow Calibration Software by Fluke Calibration

Substitute “flow calibration” for “pressure calibration” in the product above and you know what COMPASS for Flow is all about. COMPASS can be used with the Fluke’s popular molbox/molbloc flow calibration hardware or use it to automate your existing flow standards.

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MET/TEMP II Temperature Calibration Software by Fluke Calibration

Manual temperature sensor calibration is expensive and time consuming. It takes roughly four hours to calibrate a sensor at three points, then another hour on top of that for paperwork to document the temperature data and to create the certificate. Now there’s a better way. MET/TEMP II can use a variety of temperature standards, both fixed point cells and comparison techniques or a combination of both. Reports can be generated and ITS-90 or CVD coefficients can be created at the end of the test. If your temperature references and baths/dry-wells have RS232 interfaces then fully-automated testing can take place.

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Controlog Humidity Calibration Software by thunder Scientific


The 2500 ControLog fully automates the operation of a Thunder Scientific 2500 Humidity Generator and allows various device connections through a number of different interfaces. Data from the generator and attached devices is automatically retrieved and stored for viewing in either numerical or graphical format in real time or post process.

ControLog Calculates the Uncertainty of the generated 2500 parameters in Real-Time using HumiCalc with Uncertainty. The user can also drop down a Mini version of HumiCalc to help calculate desired setpoints.

ControLog supports a customizable interface that works with most ASCII based serial or GPIB devices. ControLog allows the user to define the ASCII commands that are sent and/or received through the interface to communicate with the device. The system supports both “request to receive” type of communication as well as “receive only” type of communication. ControLog can also log analog signals using an Agilent® 34970A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit. In addition to the above options ControLog also offers a Manual Connection that allows the user to manually record data items for a device that either has no interface or has an interface that is not supported by ControLog.