Hall Associates is NOT a calibration lab itself but we do act as an “aggregator” for many calibration service companies. What does that mean? Many of our customers have asked us to simplify their life by acting as a single source for their recalibration needs. They will often place a blanket purchase order with Hall Associates so that all billing for their recalibrations comes from one company, Hall Associates. We then discuss with the calibration service suppliers they would like to use for their individual calibrations. We can take care of getting RMAs for return of equipment or the customer can handle that themselves.

Who wins with this arrangement? Everyone.

  1.  Your purchasing departments wins because they don’t have to setup a different vendor for every calibration service company you want to deal with. Adding and maintaining a vendor costs money and is simply not worth it if the PO amount is too small.
  2. You win because you don’t have to bother your purchasing department every time something has to go out for calibration AND you only have to deal with one vendor, Hall Associates.
  3. The service companies love dealing with Hall Associates because we pay them all with credit cards so we don’t even have to setup terms with them. Setup is quick and simple & they get paid right away.

I could make a list of all the service companies we have dealt with in this way but why bother. Any company that you want to send equipment too can be part of this program. We have already dealt with most of them. Is a program like this right for you? Call Dan Hall at 860-572-0111 to discuss your details.



Supplying you the best calibration equipment available is only HALF of the equation. We also want to help teach you how to use the equipment properly and understand the fundamentals of calibration and metrology.

In 2011 Hall Associates opened a “Sales & Training Center” located in the Mystic, CT area. The center is packed with calibration and test equipment from all the companies we represent and offers customers a chance to do some hands-on testing before they buy.

We also offer occasional training classes on principals of calibration & metrology as well as advanced automation software classes. Check back here for scheduled classes or email for a listing of training classes planned for the current year.


Fluke Calibration also offers training classes on electrical, pressure, temperature and flow calibration, along with software classes. The links below will take you to the proper section of the Fluke Calibration website for current schedules and costs:

Fluke Calibration: Electrical Training

Fluke Calibration: Pressure & Flow Training (includes COMPASS software)

Fluke Calibration: Temperature Training


The number of quality application notes, white paper, webinars, video, etc. on calibration and metrology is astounding. But trying to keep track of them all is overwhelming! Here is a compilation of many that we know about. Have some suggestions on others to include? Just email them and we will get them added.

NOTE: Many of the links are on the Fluke Calibration website and require you to setup a user account for viewing. It is well worth the time and effort considering the amount of reference material they have on the site. You can setup an account at the following link: If you don’t register you will get a screen that looks like the following. You can also click on the “Create new account” tab on this page to setup a new user account: