Pressure is where Hall Associates started and today we are proud to say we have the largest selection of pressure calibration equipment you can purchase from a single source. Everything from battery powered digital test gauges to the highest accuracy deadweight testers manufactured today. We also provide startup and training services to help you use them properly and software to help you automate any of your testing.

Calibration and metrology labs throughout the world rely on Fluke Calibration pressure standards. Their offering includes automatic pressure controllers (former brand names include Ruska Instruments and DH Instruments) with accuracies from +/-0.02% to +/-0.008% and piston gauges (also known as deadweight testers) that offer accuracy to +/-0.0012% of reading. They also offer a huge selection of pressure generation, control and booster products.


While also part of Fluke Calibration, the Pressurements product line is a lower-cost industrial line of deadweight testers that cover pressure ranges from inches-of-water to 60,000 psi. They are a cost-effective way to cover a wide pressure range with percentage of reading accuracy of either +/-0.015% or +/-0.008%


Additel manufactures an innovative line of pressure pumps, including pneumatic pumps to generate 3000 psi and low pressure pumps for stable inches of water calibration.  They also offer hydraulic pumps to 40,000 psi.  Coupled with their digital pressure standards with accuracies to +/-0.02% they offer a full solution for portable pressure calibration.


Setra Systems offers pressure transducers and sensors for inches-of-water up to 20,000 psi. A specialty of the company has been low pressures and their MicroCal Low Pressure Calibrator is becoming the industry-standard for portable inches-of-water test tools.


Condec manufactures the portable UPC5000 series of self-contained calibration standards, which include an internal nitrogen cylinder to eliminate pressure pumps. Ranges from vacuum to 10,000 psi. The DLR334 digital pressure gauge product line is ideal for test stands and benchtop test applications requiring accuracies of 0.25, 0.1 or 0.05%.


Hall Associates is a distributor for Transcat, which has an impressive line of pressure calibration standards from dozens of manufacturers. This allows us to offer our customers an incredible array of products for every pressure calibration application. Products from Ashcroft, Druck, Crystal Engineering and many more are shown here.


Ralston flexible pressure hoses and quick-test fittings make pressure calibrations simpler and faster. No tools are needed to make connections that handle up to 10,000 psi! Quick-disconnect adapters allow you to screw in a pressure gauge by hand and test without any sealants or wrenches. They can be used with any of the hardware products above.