Introducing Calibration TV: Episode 1

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We are excited to release the first episode of Calibration TV, a new, monthly web series dedicated to the calibration and metrology community.

Calibration TV is a new web-series dedicated to the calibration & metrology community. Episodes will include new product demonstrations and reviews, behind-the-scenes glimpses into some of the metrology industry’s leading equipment manufacturing companies and interviews with leading trade groups, educators and end-users of calibration equipment. Calibration TV will also feature training basics and tips from calibration experts.

In the introductory episode of Calibration TV, host Dan Hall visits the 2016 NCSL International Workshop & Symposium in St. Paul, Minnesota. While there, he interviews NCSLI President Roger Burton and takes part in a hands-on demonstration of Fluke Calibration’s new 5128A RHapid-Cal Humidity Generator with Greg Secord, Business Unit Manager with Fluke.

Click here to watch more episodes of Calibration TV.

Published by

Dan Hall

Dan is the owner of Hall Associates, a manufacturer’s representative and distributor specializing in calibration and test equipment. He has spent over 25 years in the calibration discipline, selling to all markets including biotech/pharmaceutical, aerospace, sensor manufacturers, medical, semiconductors and nuclear energy, as well as the Army, Navy and Air Force calibration labs. By concentrating on calibration ONLY he has gained the respect of the top equipment manufacturers in the calibration marketplace and has become a trusted source in the industry.

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